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Kim Landry-Ayres

I am a fitness professional with advanced education in nutrition and exercise, living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

With nearly three decades of experience in my profession, my mission is to cut through the noise in the health and fitness industry and empower people to create sustainable solutions for lasting health, happiness, and confidence.

My vision is a world where daily acts of self-love and care are a regular part of life. And my philosophy is to work with individuals to achieve their highest potential of holistic health and fitness goals.

When I’m not coaching clients you can find me outside playing with my Great Dane, Samson.

The Successful Warrior is the Average Person with Laser-like Focus

Enhancing Lives Through Fitness & Nutrition

I wanted to share with everyone my experience with becoming one of Mission Accomplished clients. First & foremost, I want to say Thank You to Kim Ayres for the support & friendship of helping me through the understanding process of fitness and food! Much more than this, Thank You for helping me understand things that were right in front of me – things that I completely ignored until now. The Universe always takes care of us when we need it. I never trusted the process until now. I have always been a personal believer that everything in life is timing and we all end up where we are supposed to be. Truly what matters in life is how we exist and always waking up to do your very best. Kim has shown the whole picture of what I just said with her knowledge of studies and by sharing with me special readings and quotes. Honestly, I thought it was voodoo and did laugh about it initially. Through the last four years that I have worked with Kim, my fitness journey has been the best thing that I have ever done.


Mary F Rufledt

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