Matt McHugh  & Becca McHugh                             

Ages: 43  & 46
Real Estate Broker/Owner & Mayo Revenue Analyst                    



Reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?  Any advice for someone “thinking” about coming to MA?

Becca: I started with MA a year ago, because I needed that extra push, motivation and direction to work harder and get in the best shape of my life and perhaps compete someday in a physique show. Plus, I wanted to know I was doing it correctly.  Kim is an amazing trainer who genuinely cares about helping you achieve your fitness goals.  She is a wealth of knowledge about everything involved in being a healthier you (physically and mentally). I can’t thank her enough for getting me started on this fitness journey!

Matt: I wanted to reduce body fat, cholesterol and increase my strength, balance and coordination. I had continually told myself I know what I should do but kept finding excuses not to do it. Kim has helped motivate me to live healthier and even “raise the bar” on my goals. I started 6 months ago, in boot camp and I thought being the only guy in class, I wouldn’t fit in, but Kim and everyone training at MA has made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Kim cares about my goals and continues to direct my focus on what I need to do to accomplish them.

What are some benefits you’ve achieved on your fitness journey with MA?

Becca: Although I only lost 1.4# on the scale, my body fat% dropped 2.3%, so I lost about 3.5# of fat and increased my lean mass by 1.8#. I have more muscle definition; I can now confidently wear shirts that show off my shoulders and arms.
Matt: Weight loss, increased strength, balance and endurance.  Also, improvement in confidence that I will be able to remain highly active with my family, enjoying life!

What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them?

        Becca: My diet is the only thing preventing me from my goal and I am determined to overcome that obstacle. I’m working with Kim on the nutritional principles I need to incorporate and the changes I need to apply to make this lifestyle change.

        Matt: My eating habits are my biggest issue, mindless eating. I am thankful to have a wonderful support network (wife trainer and others at MA), who seem to help me back on track when I get derailed.