Christmas is a special time of year when plans are made to spend time with family friends and loved ones. Let’s not forget about our deployed troops, who are unable to be with their families for the holidays.

This year provide a little Christmas cheer by donating to a “grass-root” effort started by Alisha Lange.. “Christmas for Heroes”!

  • Purchase items from list to fill a box, deliver the items to one of the drop-off locations
    (Mission Accomplished StudioOptimum Therapy: EC, Menomonie & Rice Lake; Hesse Foot & Ankle EC; and Citizen Bank Altoona)
  • Include a personal letter or card (optional)
  • Monetary contribution (Checks made to Alisha Lange) -All funds will be used to either buy items to fill boxes or pay for shipping costs (Cost per box is $18.45)


We are accepting items from the list or financial donations to help with shipping costs.

Having many family members and friends throughout the various branches of the Military, I of course show them my support and love. If I see a Veteran out and about, I make a point to say hello, shake their hand and thank them for their service and sacrifice. I hear stories told by family, friends and my husband about the things they have dealt with while overseas. Every day they live with the memories, sounds, visions, smells and life of war. Things we can’t imagine going through.

In 2015, I told my family that I did not want anything for Christmas. I wanted to send Christmas to our deployed Military family. I asked my family and close friends if they wanted to do something, I would give them a box, all they had to do was fill it with items that our deployed military would want and/or need. They were to get the filled box back to me and I would pay for all the shipping to send these care packages. I knew this would cost a good chunk of money but I didn’t care, they needed this stuff more than I did. I wanted to send 25 boxes, one for each day in December up to Christmas. With help from my amazing family and friends, I was able to send 28 boxes! The next year I reached out to more family, friends and local businesses for donation items as well as monetary donations to help with shipping costs and I was able to double the number of care packages to 50! The third year I was able to ship 75! It brings tears to my eyes seeing people come together to support our Military!

My life didn’t take me down the path of enlisting into the military, however, I realized that my role in the military doesn’t have to be enlisting but to help support those who are deployed and those coming home. My duty is to show those who are active, deployed and retired that their sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. People say war is bad, but these brave men and women risk their lives every day to keep us a free and safe nation. They are not always told or shown the thanks and gratitude they deserve. That’s why I have made it my duty to remind them that they are loved, prayed for and we support them. That’s the point of the Christmas boxes. It is difficult to be away from home during the holidays and if I can bring a little joy and happiness to their hearts, assuring them they are not forgotten, then I am doing my job.

Thank you for your continued support!

Alisha Lange
Alisha Lange – CPT, Studio Director
Optimum Therapies, LLC