Fall 2012
Client of the Quarter

Denise Matthieu   Age 51
Homemaker/Office Administrator

What were your reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?
 I wanted and needed the structure of a formal program.  I am extremely disciplined at work, but when it comes to exercise, I seem to put everything else first until I run out of time to fit it in before I go to bed.

How long have you been working/consulting with Mission Accomplished?
 I began with some embarrassing boxing lessons in January.  I knew I was in terrible physical condition and the one-on-one sessions with Alisha allowed me to start moving my body and to start working through the embarrassment and the emotional baggage that I’ve carried with me for the years that I’ve been creeping up the scale.  Prior to attending Mission Accomplished I hadn’t developed any relationships with people that enjoyed exercise and eating healthy.  Kim and Alisha shared fresh insight and exposed me to new ideas that have opened up whole new thought processes for me.

What are some of your achievements since working with Mission Accomplished?
My goal was to become healthier and to feel better about myself.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received the results of my latest blood work.  I’ve lost pounds and inches and typical indicators of good health: cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, etc. are all in a very normal range.  While I still have a long way to go to reach a “normal” weight, I want to ensure that I maintain the healthy changes that I’ve already made and not get too focused on losing weight. I’ve learned how important it is to give the change process time to work.  I’ve found that my thoughts of, “there is NO WAY I’d ever do that!” has become, “that doesn’t appeal to me now, but maybe I’ll try that later.”   Then when I try a new activity, I’m pleasantly surprised that my body moves better than I thought it would.  It’s liberating when I don’t put limitations on myself. I’ve lost over 70 pounds, 50 of that by working with Alisha.  I dropped three sizes and drastically improved my health since I added regular exercise. I’ve found that when I wait too many days to exercise I feel bad not only physically, but emotionally as well.

What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them?
Snacking at night is one of my biggest challenges especially now that it’s getting colder and darker earlier in the evening.  I’ve found that salads, cottage cheese, yogurt, and cold protein drinks don’t have the same appeal as they did when it was warm outside. I’m experimenting with eating more warm foods, but I’m measuring what I eat and I’m finding healthier ways to prepare them. I use a special bowl or plate to eat a snack.  Over time, my Peanut M&M container has gone from the bag (of any size) to a 4 oz. custard dish to a condiment cup.  Yogurt tastes better in a cute glass bowl and salads are better on an iced, clear glass bowl or plate (really they are)!  I count out a serving of chips or crackers and put the rest away or I substitute pickles.  I only eat them with a meal instead of as a snack.  If I need mayo I use mayo, but I also add brown mustard or milk to cut the amount. I got used to eating ground turkey/chicken by combining it with ground beef or adding it to a dish with a lot of spices (like chili) at first.  If I’m hungry for something – I have it (a few bites, I share it, whatever).  I’ve learned that it doesn’t pay to graze on substitutions and then have what I wanted anyway.  It may slow down the process, but this isn’t a race.  I keep a very basic food journal.  On days that I didn’t eat as well as I should have, I put in writing the decisions that were “good” as a conscious effort to stay positive. I committed to work out with a support person on a regular basis.  If it wasn’t for my appointments with Alisha and agreements to meet my sister for cardio, I doubt I’d have continued to work out.  I didn’t include exercise in previous efforts to lose weight and I didn’t keep the weight off.  While exercise isn’t my first choice of activities, it is crucial to my lifestyle change.