A BIG Shout-Out to Summer Stewart..who has just completed a three-week run of back to back  competitions this season, representing Team Mission Accomplished with style and  grace in all of them.

Starting with a 1st place in Master’s 40+ Figure at the Badger Classic, then a 4th place in 35+ Bikini and a 2nd place 40+ Bikini at the North Star, and rounding out the three weeks with a 3rd place Master’s

40+ Figure and a 2nd place Masters 40+ Bikini at the Mayhem this past weekend!

Summer’s commitment, dedication and stamina is commendable and I feel like it is worth mentioning she’s 50 years young and runs circles around some who are half her age!  Congrats Summer…I feel honored to have you as a friend and comrade on Team MA!