At Mission Accomplished, we are offering a new service of essential oil treatment, paired with infrared sauna therapy, for enhancing and improving your vibrant life.  We use DoTerra essential oils in all of our protocols, ensuring that you receive only the most pure, potent and effective oils available.

A client recently used this service; her testimony is inspiring:

January 14, 2020

“Spending time in an infrared sauna is relaxing on its own.  Essential oils are beneficial remedies on their own.  But when the two are combined, these experiences are enhanced even further.  It brings the wellness feeling to a whole new level.  This was my result today at Mission Accomplished.  With a combination of essential oils that represent an inflammatory protocol, I experienced a positive and relaxing therapeutic experience.  Paired with a 20-minute sauna to follow produced amazing and significant results.  Here’s how it went…..

It began as I laid face-down on a comfortable table, in a private and quiet room.  With my back and feet exposed, I was asked to inhale three deep breaths of Frankincense essential oil. Then, a series of oil drops were applied to my spine and the bottoms of my feet.  My back was then covered with a warm, moist towel.  It immediately brought me to a relaxed and calm state, and I could feel the heat forcing the oils deeper into my skin.  When the towel no longer felt warm, I stepped into “heat ready” infrared sauna for 15 minutes.

In the sauna, I sat with the essential oil moist towel (that had previously covered my back) over my face,  taking deep breaths into it, using it both like a hot compress and a diffuser, taking advantage of yet another benefit of essential oils–the therapeutics of  aromatherapy.   Then, I laid down and placed the towel over my chest and stomach.  This was such a beautiful feeling of warmth, relaxation and weightlessness.  I could definitely feel the oils working with and within my body, identifying my needs.

Following my sauna, I showered with cool water, dried my weightless body, rested limply and mindfully for five minutes, while sipping on lemon/ginger essential oil-infused water.  Astounding sensations.  Even though this experience was in the morning hours of my day, I even slept significantly better that night.

When it comes to self-care hacks, there are many.  But, is this one worth it?  I can confirm that it definitely is!  I applaud and thank Mission Accomplished and Kim Ayres for applying the knowledge and offering this service.  Using pure, natural and organic essential oils is yet another sign of quality.  I went for an essential oil treatment, but I left with vastly more.  Relaxed, calm, rested, yet invigorated.  I can’t speak highly enough of this service and recommend it for anyone! “

This offering is not only affordable, but is guest-available for your friends and family.  Pricing is as follows:

  • Clients:  $50 (Essential Oil Treatment w/ 20 min Sauna) / Sauna Only Session is $10
  • Guests:  $60 (Essential Oil Treatment w/ 20 min Sauna) / Sauna Only Session is $20

Watch for an upcoming article on essential oils and the benefits they provide!

Essential Oil Protocol PDF