FALL 2018
Client of the Quarter

Jill Gengler   Age 51
Nursing Home Administrator



What were your reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?
To move my fitness and health to the next level and fight the effects of an aging body! I wanted guidance on eating for better health, losing body fat and increasing my muscle tone.  After turning 50, I felt like everything was going “south” … my exercise routine wasn’t yielding results and I was less interested in working out.   Seeing Kim changed everything!  I got a workout that was tailored to my body and my goals.  The results came quick and I look forward to our sessions and what else she’ll push me to do! I love the environment; people of all ages are training for all kinds of reasons.  It is inspiring to see what they have achieved!

How long have you been working/consulting with Mission Accomplished?
Approx. 1 year

What are some of your achievements since working with Mission Accomplished?
Eating for my health not my mood! I feel stronger than ever! I sleep great and have more energy for everything! My clothes fit better (I love tucking my shirt in now)!

What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them?
Eliminating alcohol and other sweet treats from my diet and working out on a set schedule consistently. I schedule workouts like any other important commitment on my calendar and I look to Mission Accomplished and other websites/apps for updates, encouragement and reminders about putting your health first.