Winter 2016
Client of the Quarter

Heather & Brooke Cole   Ages 44 & 12
Mom & Daughter


What were your reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?
We wanted a trainer to help develop a workout program we could do together, to be more active and gain strength. I felt like Kim’s personality and the Mission Accomplished studio was conducive to introducing Brooke to a new exercise routine and making sure it is done safely. Kim has provided us with workout ideas to do both at home and our other gym. And also has provided nutrition advice and healthy snack recipes to curb our proverbial “sweet tooth” too!

How long have you been working/consulting with Mission Accomplished?
Almost 3 months

What are some of your achievements since working with Mission Accomplished?  We both feel more confident using the different equipment when we go to our other gym together. We both lost inches and body fat plus improved our lean muscle mass.

What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them?
The only time Brooke & I can exercise together during the week is right after school, which can be such a busy time. So now I pick her up from school and we go straight to the gym, this saves Brooke a bus ride. Plus, the hour we spend exercising together goes quickly, is very enjoyable, and is a better use of time than coming home and watching TV/eating snacks.