Humans are host to an enormous invisible ecosystem of microbes that influence almost every system in the body. This intriguing community of microbes are collectively known as our microbiota. Our lifestyle choices, our diet, our use of antibiotics and medications and the environment we live in can influence the composition of the microbiome.  We know there is an inextricable link between the diversity and balance of our microbiome and our susceptibility to disease.

What if we could take a closer look at our microbiota (the individual players and whether they are doing their “jobs” or not) and with these health insights, empower yourself to make the best lifestyle and nutrition choices for your health?

Wouldn’t it be nice to take the “guess work” out of personalized nutrition planning?
With my never-ending interests in “Bio-hacking” for better health… I’ve decided to add another affiliate with VIOME Microbiome Testing
This company has cutting edge technology to sample, test and then recommend the specific nutritional changes (foods to avoid and super foods to incorporate) to help get your diet “dialed in” for optimal health & vitality. You will receive Gut Microbiome Health insight scores including; Digestive Efficiency, Inflammatory Activity, Metabolic Fitness, and more!
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If you do this test consider setting up a consult session with me to discuss how to incorporate the recommended nutrition adjustments into your current nutrition plan.
Interview & introduction to the Viome Gut Intelligence Testing:
What to do once you have your results: