DSCF5384DSCF5382DSCF5396IMG_2538DSCF5372Well we did it… IFPA YORTON CUP PRO WORLD’s 2014. in Washington D.C.

We didn’t win or even place in the top 5, but we know we are champions for simply getting there!

It was a good trip, we met some great fellow competitors and got to see the capitol of our great country.

Alisha’s parents came and supported us (and put up with our pre- & post- show craziness), my uncle also drove over from N.J. to be a first time spectator and to give me a hug! Plus my childhood girlfriend and her parents came from Virginia to meet me post show in D.C. to see sites & have some GOOD FOOD, as well.

Both Alisha & I just want to thank all of you, friends, family and clients, who continually cheer us on and make what we do all worth while! Love & Light Mission Accomplished!

20141025_133739_Richtone_HDR_compact10671395_871375679561609_4069336218483283794_nYorton D.C. 2014 010247143_871375486228295_3765832635895719374_n
Yorton D.C. 2014 003
Yorton D.C. 2014 023 Yorton D.C. 2014 028 Yorton D.C. 2014 032 Yorton D.C. 2014 026 Yorton D.C. 2014 029
Yorton D.C. 2014 001Yorton D.C. 2014 002DSCF5522DSCF5507