Mission Accomplished has made another NEW friend…. and this could be GOOD news for those of you STRUGGLING to keep it all GOING and still take care of yourself and EAT right…

We all KNOW you can’t WORK-OUT enough to COUNTER a BAD eating plan… so why not get a little HELP from your FRIEND…

Laura Sommer | Kitchen Co-Conspirator, LLC

Personal Chef | Coach | Co-Conspirator

 Have you ever thought:

  • I need to eat better and cook more often, but I just don’t have the time or energy.
  • I wish my fabulous, capable teenager would learn some cooking skills (and have dinner waiting for me when I got home from work!)
  • I want to get away from packaged, processed foods, but don’t know where to start.

As Kitchen Co-Conspirator, LLC, I want to work with you, in your kitchen, to make the food you want to eat. I want to inspire you to cook, to enjoy the process (and results!!), and to feel empowered in your quest to feed yourself and your family healthy, delicious, and satisfying food.

  • I’m a knowledgeable and enthusiastic home cook with decades of experience cooking for myself and for groups, large and small.
  • I am ServSafe certified (food safety is important!).
  • I’ve been a Storekeeper, Customer Service and Sampling Queen at Just Local Food Co-op since 2007. I love local and sustainably raised food!
  • With a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design, I’m good at teaching people stuff! (I’ve also taught bass guitar and motorcycle safety, in addition to 20+ years of developing corporate training programs).
  • I’m fun, patient and empathetic, and I want to help you enjoy your time in the kitchen.

I offer a range of services, including at-home collaborative meal preparation and private cooking lessons for mature kids and adults. I look forward to meeting with you to plan an adventure in your kitchen!


Laura Sommer | Kitchen Co-Conspirator, LLC

Personal Chef | Coach | Co-Conspirator

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Email: kitchen.coconspirator@gmail.com

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