Hello everyone….Kim here….writing from my little nest on the couch in my home…I was finally released yesterday afternoon from Sacred Heart Hospital after a 10 day “sentence” there….I am going to back up a bit here and do a quick summary because I believe a few of you may have been left out of the loop when all this went down….so:

As most of you knew I was over two weeks post op from my hysterectomy & the removal of my very large fibroid tumor (“Pearl”) and everything seemed to be going smoothly for my recovery.

Then Saturday night the 19th I began having some unusual pain…that was not responding to pain meds.

By Sunday 4am I was in excruciating pain & had Jim bring me in to Sacred Heart ER

It took 3 shots of morphine to get me in a state where I could even speak…they ordered an x-ray. And then unfortunately for me it was a shift change at the ER and my case handed off to another incoming ER doc. Who read my x-ray as severe constipation…they promptly tried enemas and having me drink mag-citrate, which I began vomiting up, and as the morphine wore off I began again being unable to do anything but moan/yelp and try to find a position where it felt like my insides were not going to explode. The ER doc refused to admit me or do anything else for me….they basically booted us out with no more tests, just another bottle of mag-citrate to “chug” and instructions to go home & drink abundant water and that in a few hours I would “go” and I “would feel better”…..so I was carried back up to my commode where I sat screaming & writhing in agony for 8 more hours, drinking tons of water & following the Er orders…..Jim had had enough at about 8pm he carried me back to ER where they told him I had to go through triage nurse again…this point I COULD NO LONGER SPEAK. They then pushed me into a room closed off in ER & left me there seeing no one for 2.5 more hours….I screamed through most of that….finally the ER doc (who just happened to be the same original ER Doc who had given me the 3 shots of morphine at 5am showed up)….After Jim chewed him out a bit they got me more pain meds and did another x-ray to compare with a.m. Low & behold…now not constipated but something wrong….well this was followed by the insertion of an “NG-tube”….those of you who don’t know what that is..it’s a tube they shove in your nose & you swallow it…I did this while vomiting all over the two nurses that were trying to insert it….I was then admitted.

Next day I was brought down for a CT Scan (FINALLY)….they found that during my original hysterectomy my right ureter (from kidney to bladder) was burned and had sprung a leak…..so essentially the ER instructions to go home & DRInK…was a recipe for NEAR DEATH…as my abdomen filled with urine.

So surgery for ureter stent happened next

Afterwards everyone hoping I would start to improve….turned bad as my pain just continued….and my body edema got worse & worse….

I went for second CT Scan which found that there was a bunch of the original fluid that had “walled itself off” in my abdomen creating an abscess on one side which was the cause of all my continuing pain…and a bunch more free floating fluid that was not being reabsorbed as well….so off I went for yet another procedure…where they used Ultrasound technology as I watched them scalpel a couple more holes in my abdomen and drain off over a liter of fluid and then they left a drain tube & bag in one side for the remaining days I was in the hospital…..As I was still having trouble with edema….they then used Lasix (diuretic)….a couple of days in a row to assist my kidneys in reabsorbing and getting rid of the fluid built up….with that assistance I was able to “purge” a couple more gallons from my system…..

So long story-made as short as possible….I am a lucky girl in the end….but a very tired and sore body to boot!


And so the journey continues…

It is an experience I would rather not repeat nor would I wish it on my worst enemy; but it is amazing what a “Life Changing” event something like this can be and what it teaches you about yourself and those around you.

Ever since the whole “Pearl” procedure, I had been trying to decipher what that “Gem” was here to teach me….of course right away I knew how blessed I am with people around me and around the country who love & support me….But the saga that began on Sunday May 20th has taught me MUCH more! Something about inner strength and tenacity but even more than that…the power of “TRUE LOVE”. I had some very dark moments over the past week & ½, that had me doubting myself and my strength to pull through this….I just wanted the pain to stop! Then there was someone who NEVER left my side and never doubted me and helped me to hang on for just another round. That man is the one I believe I have spent many lifetimes with; my husband and best friend Jim…His rock solid presence has made me realize a lot of things about Life and why we are here in this human existence on Earth, and the vital importance of LOVE.

This being said, I still have quite a long recovery in front of me and I’ve decided I need to reprioritize my Life while I have been given this opportunity to do so. I do plan to get back to work eventually, but it will be several weeks and in the meantime I am beginning the process of simplifying and streamlining Mission Accomplished and Me J  My plan when I do come back to work will be a lot fewer hours than I was putting in (which averaged in the 70-80/week range)…. Alisha will be covering my schedule completely for the remainder of June…..as I get closer to the end of June I may begin doing some nutrition consults but no teaching or training.

Alisha is helping me to make this shift and I hope that you will be flexible with her as far as scheduling goes….I will be sending another e-mail real soon with the most current changes that will happen in JUNE…..stay tuned.

Thanks for all of your prayers and positive, healing vibes….I appreciate them all.

Love & Light