Rakowski Pyramid

Who doesn’t want to live a long, healthy, active life with lot’s of JOY?

In our modern and busy world, the number one obstacle that can get in the way of that goal is OURSELVES. The limitations we put on (and into) ourselves and accept as inevitable and “just the way it is”.  You’ve heard the old mantra “you are what you eat”… and I am in complete agreement with that statement, but there is MORE to it, and believe it or not, it’s also pretty simplistic.

I recently attended a nutrition conference and one of the presenters (Dr. Robert Rakowski), really “boiled it down” to how SIMPLE it can and should be. He outlines a simple yet significant Lifestyle Strategy he calls The Magnificent Seven, which when followed, can guide us easily to becoming our BEST SELVES.

#1 Eat Right

#2 Drink Right

#3 Poop Right

#4 Sleep Right

#5 Move Right

#6 Talk Right

#7 Think Right

All of the seven are important and also interact and affect one another. For example; if we are not sleeping right we often make poor decisions in some of the other six areas, which then circles around and “snowballs” the inability to sleep right.  Imbalances in any of these seven lifestyle habits can lead us down a rough road of chronic illness and “dis-ease”.

He mentions what precedes these Magnificent Seven are the Foundation Five: Love, Purpose, Discipline, Lifestyle, and Unique Needs.

LOVE being at the base of this pyramid… I am sure you have heard it said that we can only love & care for others to the degree we love and care for ourselves…

Dr. Rakowski refers to a quote from  Og Mandino, regarding Love, and the final line reads; “…And most of all I will love myself, for when I do, I will zealously inspect all things that I allow into my mind, my heart, my soul and my body…” 


In other words, if we use this as our mantra for the choices we make regarding how we move, think, speak about ourselves and others, what we eat & drink, our sleep habits, and how these choices affect our absorption, assimilation & elimination processes,  all of a sudden we realize how much control we actually have over our health and happiness. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we are where we are as a result of all of the various decisions we have made up to now regardless of the different plots that our personal life stories have taken us on.

There are a lot of things in LIFE that we cannot control but I TRUST the idea that the KEY to JOY is to BE PATIENT with the things we can’t change BUT to have the COURAGE to take RESPONSIBILITY to CHANGE the things we CAN.

Over the next several months, I am going to take us on a journey through the Magnificent Seven and how we can make BETTER LIFESTYLE choices to create the BEST SELVES we can be.  Stay Tuned!