I can hardly believe it myself, that its been over twenty-five years since I began my journey in competitive body building… As I reflect on all that I’ve accomplished, I wonder what “words of wisdom” I can share with others who desire to transform their physiques and in essence, their “whole being”.


My very first competition Fall of 1991. Iron man-Iron Maiden. 3rd place Women’s Lt Wt Novice


Three words come to mind:





To undertake any “life-changing” challenge requires an inner courage …bravery, grit, dauntlessnessto act in accordance with one’s beliefs and convictions, especially in spite of criticism. And the choice must be made by YOU and for YOU.

I’ve heard it said that body building is a “selfish” sport… that it is about ego and vanity but I don’t believe that is true.  I do know that in order to accomplish the goal of physique transformation you must prioritize and organize with your goal in mind and this requires commitment of time, energy and resources that others may not completely understand.

This is a lifestyle journey and you must find the joy in the process and observe and react to the “obstacles in the terrain”. Consistency may not be easy BUT it will be key to your success.

Remember that YOU choose the goal and the process doesn’t have to be miserable for you nor should it cause you or those around you to “suffer”… keep reminding yourself what the goal is and why you are doing it. Build your support network around you and communicate how they can reasonably assist you on your journey.

  • Find a mentor/coach and make a plan that realistically fits YOU
  • Understand that you are unique and there isn’t a “cookie cutter” process to show prep
  • Don’t fool yourself into thinking that prepping for a show will “organize” the rest of your life or that the “World Stops Turning” because you decided to compete… You must get yourself organized and know that “Life Goes On”, you need to adjust and figure out how your prep fits into your Life.
  • Training is important BUT it is just as important to listen and honor your body, mind and soul through the process (and yes that might mean taking a day or two off).
  • NUTRITION in your off-season is even more paramount to achieving your highest potential on stage, than what you do during “peak week”. Learn to feed your body functionally, body building nutrition can be one of the healthiest nutrition plans or a slippery slope of dysfunctional eating.
  • Review what you have learned during the process.  Even if you never get on stage or you do it as a “Bucket List Item” or you continue to compete year after year… If you stay tuned in during the process and take a Birdseye-view once you complete the task, you will learn SO much about yourself and may even take away some great tools to apply in other areas of your life or to help tweak your next goal approach plan.

Most IMPORTANT… Keep in mind that the actual “competition” is with yourself ONLY and the day of the”SHOW” is simply a celebration of the LIFESTYLE that you have chosen to pursue.  You spend hours in training and you carefully examine all that goes into your body nutritionally, you choose to forgo certain “things” (events, treats, etc..) in order to make your dream come true…The “STAGE” becomes a “SNAPSHOT” of all your effort and dedication.  The REAL REWARD though, is the personal growth and who you become because of the choices you have made to be physically strong, mentally tough and spiritually a shining example to inspire and motivate others.

Video from Minnesota Mayhem 2016 Women’s Pro Body Building Class




2016 Minnesota Mayhem Pro Women’s Class 3rd Place

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