Mission Accomplished Services

Personal training is for everyone

Many people think of personal trainers as a luxury, but our clients come from all walks of life, and all levels of fitness. We’re ready to work with you, at your level.

Beginners ready to discover the physical and emotional lift that comes with increased fitness. Intermediates ready to intensify their training. Advanced exercisers fine-tuning their training to meet a specific goal or prepare for a specific event. Athletes maintaining out-of-season fitness, or seeking sport-specific training. Health patients whose physicians have instructed them to get in shape for health reasons or rehabilitation. Injured individuals requiring medically-supervised rehabilitation. Anyone who needs motivation, support, direction and guidance in order to streamline a personal fitness program and stick with it.

Fruit_smoothiesNutrition: A nutrition plan that makes sense

Eating perfect is impossible. Eating better could literally change your life.

Start by being honest. Look at your current eating choices. Are you eating a variety of foods every day? Do you eat a lot of highly processed foods? Get enough fiber? Too much sugar or salt? When you know better, you can eat better.

When you’re deciding what to eat, do you consider the nutrient demands of your particular lifestyle? Want to control your weight, exercise with energy, and manage stress better?

A nutrition plan will only work if it’s personalized to you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

The good news is, you can eat well with any lifestyle. Even if you’re single, you eat out often, or you travel frequently healthy eating is possible. Mission Accomplished can educate you on what foods will help you trim down, work out with vigor, and stay calm throughout a busy day.

We’ll analyze your current nutrition, make recommendations for changes to help you reach your goals, and even monitor your choices and extend on-going coaching if that is what you need.

Let’s face it… there is some truth to that old adage “you are what you eat”… and we all have a little room for improvement, don’t we? Progress, not perfection!

Want to learn more about Clean Eating and Proper Supplementation? Check out our 90 minute video seminar.

Specialty Session Options
Specialty sessions may be purchased for single session/private or small group (contact for more information)

Boot Camp/Circuit (Indoor/Outdoor): A fun “mixed-bag” workout put together for your small group. You’ll be guided through a variety of drills and challenges utilizing the ‘Great Outdoors” as our playground (spring/summer) or a combination of indoor stations (fall/winter) using suspended trainers, kettle-bells, and other small equipment.

Boxing: Learn proper boxing techniques using the heavy bag, speed bag, and focus mitts as well as a combination of hand-eye coordination, balance, and timing with conditioning drills to train like a boxer. This fun and energetic workout is open to all ages and abilities!

Yoga/Pilates: Make the connection between movement and breath and really “listen” to your bodies’ inner wisdom. Each session is an improvised mix of mind-body movements chosen and sequenced to build strength, stamina, flexibility and a feeling of compassion towards “self” and others.


Competition Prep & Posing: The very best physique can look “off” on stage if not presented properly. You’ve worked hard in the gym and sacrificed for your “stage body”… Don’t miss out on the most important piece of the puzzle: showing off your “rock hard” body… perfect your posing, your walk or your strength moves so you can truly make your mark and really show off what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Upcoming Posing Seminars: Posing Seminars 2021

We’ll work together to define your goals and come up with a realistic plan to reach them. The following services are available:

* New Client Initial Fitness Consult & Program Development Package

* On-Going Personal training Packages

* Specialty Training Sessions for Individuals or Small Groups
(Boot Camp/Circuit/Yoga/Pilates/Boxing/Competition Posing)

* Initial Nutrition Consult Metabolism Session & Set-Up

* Monthly On-going Nutrition Coaching

**All packages must be paid in full at time of purchase and utilized within 6 months (some exceptions)**

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