Winter is coming…Time to BOLSTER your immune system! Immune PRP Pro provides pure bovine colostrum containing over 40 times the immune -related factors than human milk. Research suggests that bovine colostrum supports your bodily defense systems and gastrointestinal tract by providing crucial immunoglobulins as well as active neutrophils and macrophages.

Bovine colostrum is also used for healing injuries, repairing nervous system damage, improving mood and sense of well-being, slowing and reversing aging, and as an agent for killing bacteria and fungus. Colostrum clears excess bilirubin, a waste-product of dead red blood cells, which is produced in large quantities at birth due to blood volume reduction from the infant’s body and helps prevent jaundice. Colostrum is known to contain immune cells (as lymphocytes) and many antibodies such as IgA, IgG, and IgM.

Colostrum is also one of the most potent known sources of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), which relieves pain, aids in healing of scar tissue, deters parasites, supports liver detoxification, and helps elimination of mercury, among its many other functions. MSM, or organic sulfur, is considered the number three mineral in the body. Colostrum even contains powerful, soil-based organisms, which have been found to provide tremendous benefits to human health.


Benefits of supplementing colostrum:

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