Intuitive Living 28 Day Experience


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Trust Yourself. Connect with Yourself. Experience Yourself.

When we challenge the status quo, it requires understanding and inspiration to ignite the full power of our mind and body. That is what we are calling “Intuitive Living”. It can be called other things: instinctive, innate, inherent, untaught, natural, automatic, unconscious impulsive, unthinking. This 28-day living experience will help us on the journey to discovering, creating and trusting our intuitive selves (what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning), to strive for our “A-Game”.   These 28 days were developed to challenge and encourage us to understand different decision-making processes (both rational and intuitive) and how intuition can inform our moral values and behavior.

The experiences are simple and are meant to help you make better decisions, both in business and everyday


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