Competition Prep

Body Building, Physique and Figure Contest Prep

You’re thrilled by the idea of competing. Maybe you’ve never done a show but always dreamed of being on stage showing off your “rock hard” body…and now you need to work on getting that body stage ready through proper diet & exercise. Maybe you’ve got the physique for it already but there are posing suits and routines to think about. Perhaps you need to perfect your posing, your walk or your strength moves before you can truly make your mark.

Mission Accomplished can help you with all areas of bodybuilding and figure show prep; from diet and workout to posing routine and all those last minute backstage secrets to really show off what you’ve worked so hard to achieve.  Packages for competition preparation are figured on an individual basis because I find some competitors need more in the area of training, others need nutrition, some need both and we just build your plan based on what you need from me as your coach.

Upcoming Posing Seminars at Mission Accomplished: Posing Seminars 2021

Check out  Kim Routine NorthStar 2006 for Web
Kim Routine Milwaukee State Fair Physique Championship 2008

Kim at Minnesota Mayhem 2016 Women’s Pro Body Building Class


IFPA PRO Guest Posing Routine- 2011 Natural Badger Classic, Menomonie Wisconsin

“Even though I’m a personal trainer, I had no experience in the area of competing in Bodybuilding/Figure. I’m a competitive person and it was important to me that I trained and dieted properly in order to look my best at the show. I contacted Kim and she helped me get started on my journey towards competing in my first Figure Show. She designed exercise and nutrition programs for me, which I followed religiously, and got exactly the results I was looking for. I took First Place in my height division plus I won the Overall Figure title. Thanks Kim! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!” – Margaret Raether