Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Assessment

Take an honest look at your current eating choices. Are you eating a variety of foods every day? Do you eat a lot of highly processed foods? Get enough fiber? Too much sugar or salt? When you’re deciding what to eat, do you consider the nutrient demands of your particular lifestyle? Want to control your weight, exercise with energy, and manage stress better?

A nutrition plan that makes sense

Do you want a nutrition plan that works but you don’t want boring or restrictive meal plans that tell you what to eat and when? A nutrition plan will only work if it’s personalized to you and your lifestyle.

You can eat well with any lifestyle, even if you’re single, you eat out often, or you travel frequently. Mission Accomplished can help you choose foods to help you trim down, work out with vigor, and stay calm throughout a busy day. We’ll analyze your current nutrition, make recommendations for changes to help you reach your goals, and even monitor & coach you on-going, if that is what you need.

Let’s face it… there is some truth to that old adage “you are what you eat”… and we all have a little room for improvement, don’t we?

Services Available

  • Bodygem Metabolism Test & Nutrition Consult Session
    (see information below)
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Ongoing Nutrition Coaching (Available for Long Distance Clients)
    Includes weekly online nutrition monitoring & monthly phone or in person session.

BodyGem Program

Metabolism Measurement Device
Personalized Weight & Nutrition Management Based on Your Unique Metabolism

Knowing your unique metabolism allows you to establish a calorie budget that will work for you. It’s also important to know that metabolism can change, sometimes significantly, as you lose weight. Having your metabolism measured throughout your weight management program will help you reach your goals without hitting frustrating plateaus.

Ask Kim about having your metabolism measured today.

Before your test:

  • do not eat for at least 4 hours.
  • do not exercise for at least 4 hours (aerobic or strength training)
  • do not consume caffeine or nutritional supplements or medications containing ephedra, Ma Huang or pseudoephedrine for 4 hours
  • do not smoke or use nicotine for at least 1 hour

Clean Eating & Proper Supplementation Education

This 90 minute video seminar will cover:

  • Basic “eat-clean” principles
  • Ways to easily incorporate these principles into your lifestyle
  • Supplement basics

After this seminar you’ll have the knowledge necessary to begin reaping the benefits of a fit physique and healthful longevity that comes with clean eating. You’ll also have knowledge of various supplements and be able to decide if it’s necessary to supplement your diet.

Nutrition Seminar