Personal Training







Personal training is for everyone

Many people think of personal trainers as a luxury, but our clients come from all walks of life, and all levels of fitness. We’re ready to work with you, at your level.

Beginners ready to discover the physical and emotional lift that comes with increased fitness. Intermediates ready to intensify their training. Advanced exercisers fine-tuning their training to meet a specific goal or prepare for a specific event. Athletes maintaining out-of-season fitness, or seeking sport-specific training. Health patients whose physicians have instructed them to get in shape for health reasons or rehabilitation. Injured individuals requiring medically-supervised rehabilitation. Anyone who needs motivation, support, direction and guidance in order to streamline a personal fitness program and stick with it.

We’ll work together to define your goals and come up with a workable plan to reach them. The following services are available:

  • Initial Fitness Consultation & Program Development Package
  • Initial Nutrition Body Gem Metabolism Test and Personalized Plan Set-Up
  • On-going Monthly Nutrition Monitoring
  • On-going Personal Training Packages
  • Specialty Single Sessions and Exclusive One-on-one Training

**All packages must be paid in full at time of purchase**

Mission Accomplished Rate Sheet


“I feel great! My workouts with Kim have been an important cornerstone to my stress management. Thanks Kim.” – Stephen Driever (executive financial broker and father of 3 teens and a toddler)

“Kim is an inspiration and a motivator! She cares about her clients and is willing to provide the help needed.” – Alice Katz, R.N.

“Kim keeps me on track with my program, makes certain I am doing my exercises properly, and is a great motivator!” – Phil McGuirk (university professor of hospitality)

“Kim always knows how to challenge me. I always “feel” our workouts the next day, which is good, of course, because that means I’m challenging myself not to plateau… I was always naturally strong but Kim taught me how to “push it” to the next level. She proved to me, once again, that hiring an expert beats any book or video.  Consulting an expert creates peace of mind plus eliminates trial and error. Totally worth it!”   – Christian Lang


When I started working with Alisha, she asked me what my goals were and what I wanted to focus on when working out. She focuses on those specific areas as well as total body toning and flexibility.

I have a couple injuries and Alisha is very attentive to them. She modifies movements I can’t perfect and adjusts my form so I perform each exercise correctly and safely every time.

Each workout is a surprise; she usually has something new, fun, and challenging for me. She creates each unique workout for me using a combination of strength, core, flexibility, and cardio.

I feel like we’re working together to get me through each session; she makes sure I get the most out of each workout. And when I don’t think I can last any longer, Alisha pushes me and encourages me to make it to the end!

Jan B.