Spring 2017 Featured Client of the Quarter

Gregg Mizerk   

Age 58
Non-Profit Management- CDC


What were your reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?
My wife Gail was working out at Mission Accomplished for a year and she thought that I would really enjoy it. I wanted to improve my overall fitness and was impressed with the results that Gail was getting. I was interested in adding strength but especially in having a “lean” look.


How long have you been working/consulting with Mission Accomplished?
Since the Fall of 2014.

What are some of your achievements since working with Mission Accomplished? I have experience a slight weight loss (about 7½lbs.) but most importantly reduced my body fat (down 5%; more than 10½lbs. fat loss) and increased muscle (lean mass went up almost 3½lbs.).  I have never been this strong. I have learned many different exercises and stretches to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. I feel great and really enjoy working out at Mission Accomplished with Kim!
What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them? My difficulties include maintaining a healthy diet and staying fully hydrated. I do track calories protein and fat. I have also learned to trust Kim when she tells me I need to eat more fat!