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Bob Briggs   Age 62
General Manager Atlas Precision Sheet Metal Solutions


What were your reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?  

I was referred by my Physical Therapist after coming off 6 months rehab from a car accident. Needed to regain health with a change of approach and some professional guidance.

How long have you been working/consulting with Mission Accomplished?
8 weeks

What are some of your achievements since working with Mission Accomplished?
50pt reduction in cholesterol; 4# increase in lean mass; reduction in overall body fat and inches.

What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them?
My biggest challenges were home workouts and drinking more water. Scheduled 1 -2 home workouts a week on top of the two workouts a week with Mission Accomplished. I greatly reduced all other beverages, and substituted in cold water instead.