Mary Flynn,  Cathy Sultan, Dyanne VandenheuvelIMG_0665

These Lovely Ladies have GRACED Mission Accomplished for a Combined Grand Total of 36 years!!!
(9yrs); Cathy (14yrs); Dyanne (13yrs)

Reasons for choosing to work with a trainer/nutritionist?  Any advice for someone “thinking” about coming to MA?

Mary: I started with MA because I had a knee replacement surgery and was feeling very unsure of my balance and my ability to become stronger after the surgery. MA is always welcoming and upbeat.  Walking thru the door is like coming into a world of positive energy.
Cathy: On the recommendation of a friend I found Kim. I knew I needed/wanted because of major joint problems to get into better physical shape. My advice to anyone thinking about working out at MA is… What are you waiting for? At 73, I feel terrific and invite others to join our special group of Kim and Mission accomplished-devotees.
Dyanne: I was diagnosed with osteopenia in my late 40’s. My mother had spinal compression fractures at 55 so my doctor asked if she wrote a prescription for weight training would I do it. I said yes and began asking people I knew if they knew of someone who did that kind of work. Two different people told me to go to Kim, so I did.

What are some benefits you’ve achieved on your fitness journey with MA?

Mary: I am a 68 year old woman and I see every day that I am stronger and healthier than many women much younger.
Cathy: Benefits have been many including better physical condition, better mental health and increased energy levels (although my children don’t think I need more energy)!
Dyanne: The first year my bone density increased by 8%.  My doctors said that happened because I was lifting weights. My body shape is different … better. I have more energy, more stamina, difficult yoga poses are easier. Everything is better. I know a lot more about foods to eat for specific purposes. I have become friends with Kim and other clients. We share ideas, concerns, grumble and laugh, and motivate each other. I look forward to going, and always feel better when I leave.

What are some difficulties you’ve had along the way & how have you gotten through them?

        Mary: We all face challenges but life is a gift and we should never forget that. Keeping a positive attitude and working every day to maintain my mental and physical health.

        Cathy: Dealing with and meeting challenge is, in my opinion, a mental thing. I’m blessed with a lot of tenacity coupled with a generous dose of Irish stubbornness.

        Dyanne: Sometimes I have to talk myself into doing my home work out… I start my warm up on a recumbent bike.  I always have a good book to read that I tell myself I can only read while I am on the bike. Sometimes I ride longer than I need to warm up. I also watch television and my work out equipment is in a pleasant room that is nice to hang out in even if I am not working out.

Although I have been working in the Fitness Industry for more than 25 yrs… Mission Accomplished Studio has been open for just about 17 years and I am so grateful, blessed, and humbled to have the clients that I have had for all of these years… I hope I have given all of you as much as you have to me and making my DREAM come true: Mission Accomplished!