WOW…  What a Weekend… I have no words… “well maybe a few” LOL!  I am so proud of my Team…  Not everyone made this picture but there are plenty more on facebook now…thanks to our very own team paparazzi Rachel Nowak and Bonnie Krahn!  If you are friends with me on facebook go check it out!  I will try to get some posted on the MA FB page and the MA website soon…plus we will be putting up a host of new pictures on the MA Wall of Fame once these girls get rehydrated and bring me some pics to hang in the studio!

We had 10 competitors at the Diva and one team mate competing in Fox City this Saturday…

Good thing “WE GOT MUSCLE!”…We needed them to carry all the “hardware”… individually our team mates took home 8 trophies plus the Best poser award and the Team trophy!  We had an AMAZING experience… The DFAC Diva show promoters Leif & Stephanie Anderson and their team made the experience “icing on the cake”… Top notch!

And my gals couldn’t have exuded more grace, cohesiveness, camaraderie  and sportsmanship!  I am HONORED and HUMBLED!   Stay Tuned competition season is off to a BIG Bang with at least 4-5 others competing over the next couple of months J

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