I wanted to share with everyone my experience with becoming one of Mission Accomplished clients. First & foremost, I want to say Thank You to Kim Ayres for the support & friendship of helping me through the understanding process of fitness and food! Much more than this, Thank You for helping me understand things that were right in front of me – things that I completely ignored until now. The Universe always takes care of us when we need it. I never trusted the process until now. I have always been a personal believer that everything in life is timing and we all end up where we are supposed to be. Truly what matters in life is how we exist and always waking up to do your very best. Kim has shown the whole picture of what I just said with her knowledge of studies and by sharing with me special readings and quotes. Honestly, I thought it was voodoo and did laugh about it initially. Through the last four years that I have worked with Kim, my fitness journey has been the best thing that I have ever done. It’s important to take the time and make the choice to take care of myself so I can take care of others. When I first met Kim, she said to me that the food industry lies to us. Understanding the love/hate relationship with food, Kim has shown me a lot of things I was doing right, but also a lot of things I was doing wrong. Every day making small adjustments, such as a minimum gallon of water a day, trying to eat organic, farmers markets, trying to eat meats & vegetables, high fat low carb diet, all allowing me to see the truth of its advantages for me. It is important to take days for self-care, other activities such as yoga, stretching, pilates. Mostly the thing I needed was sleep. I am a person that has been running hard and fast since a very young age. Some of you can relate. What we frequently refer to this is the survival mode. It is hard to shut that off when that’s all you have known. So, you truly never get that deep rest sleep that you need in order for your body to prepare to build muscle and strength and all around just feel better. As I worked out with Kim, I always looked at the pictures on her wall wondering if I could ever get to that type of shape to do a fitness show, let alone standing up in front of a crowd with a fitness swim suit – and did I forget to mention with heels (most of you that know me, realize I am tall enough). I was scared to death at the first posing seminar & almost walked out. There are so many more stories I would love to share that Mission Accomplished a/k/a Kim Landry Ayres, has taught me. | would also like to thank the people that I have the pleasure of working out with at Mission Accomplished for their support and fantastic conversations we have when working out. So, if you have ever thought about changing your life to truly be the best you can be, not just physically but mentally, you should consider giving Kim a call.

Thank you, Kim Ayres, for the support, love and friendship! Mission Accomplished is more than lifting weights.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. 

(Marcus Tulius Cicero) 

Mary F Rufledt

Meeting Kim has changed my LIFE in so many ways! Not only does she truly care about you and want you to succeed as an individual, but she wants to teach you the skills of being a lifelong fitness fan. Since working with Kim I have gained so much knowledge, muscle, and appreciation for the true art of body sculpting. I will continue to work with her to reach my goals, as will my son to reach his powerlifting goals.



Mission Accomplished, Kim Ayres private gym, is located on a beautiful property with lovely gardens and an orchard.

Kim takes a very personal interest in each client, building individualized workouts as well as providing nutritional guidance. She promotes an environment of inclusiveness regardless of age, background or ability.  It’s a place where everyone is equal and we all become friends.

I’m a 71 year old woman who has been a member of Mission Accomplished for 13 years.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mary Flynn

Kim Ayres does an amazing job with nutrition consultations and workout plans. She is extremely thorough and approaches everyone differently depending on what their body responds to. She listens and tailors the diet to fit the client. It is not a one size fits all solution! She also gives you what you can handle and never overwhelms her clients.

For workouts she challenges you and changes up the plan as you get stronger and addresses different muscles. She has an amazing knowledge of the body as a whole, not just muscles.

Michelle Markquart

Kim has been constant support for me with diet and exercise for years. She’s helped me work through painful health issues and continues to keep me motivated to push forward. Not only has her studio been a great place to improve my health but has also been a wonderful environment that’s enriched my heart and soul.

I have been working out with Kim for the last nineteen years. She has nursed me through knee replacements and the loss of my husband, all the while keeping me strong both physically and mentally. She has enriched my life and my husband considered her one of the highlights’ of his life. Kim is my lifeline to healthy living.

I worked with Kim as I prepared for my first figure competition when I was 40. Five shows later at the age of 43 gearing up for my sixth! She has guided my nutrition, helped me perfect my posing and shared all her knowledge of show prep. I have achieved many of my fitness goals, purely in the process of prepping for competition and as a bonus, I have come home with “hardware” each time (including some first place finishes). I’m continuing to work on that goal of figure pro card and will again utilize Kim’s expertise. She is great to work with and I have really enjoyed the journey!

Kim has been my personal trainer for 10 years. She’s been a key support in keeping me fit and healthy during that time, despite life’s ups and downs and my varying ability to be 100% focused on self-care. Kim created a schedule and plan that fits my needs and has introduced tweaks and challenges that make sense for my goals. She listens to me and knows when I need a push. Thanks for giving me that accountability, Kim, and I’ve enjoyed our many good conversations.