Mission Accomplished now offers Virtual Training!

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The current available virtual training options are listed below, to sign up just click the button for the package you’re interested in.

4-Week Home Workout Challenge

This is a quick start daily workout challenge meant to get you moving… perfect for those who just want to get started at home with minimal equipment or as a bonus challenge to those already working out regularly to “kick it up a notch” with a little extra something to get you moving each day for 28 days.

The Challenge has a flexible start date chosen by participant.

The Workout & Schedule will only be available for the 4 weeks in clients profile.

8 Week Home Training Plan (Workouts Only)

Stuck for time or simply can’t make it to the gym? This Home Training Program has you covered!

8 weeks worth of workouts consisting of body-weight and banded movements that can be completed from the comfort of your living room.

Recommended equipment: Foam Roller; Exercise Ball; Tubing/Bands; Step or Plyo Box; Wt. Bench or sturdy chair

Included with this package are 2- (30min) phone or face-to-face (if possible) consultation sessions with trainer. Must be scheduled within the 8 weeks of your program start up.

Your program start date is flexible and you will be allowed to keep the workouts in your schedule profile after completion of the 8 weeks.

Ultimate 3 month Fitness & Nutrition Package

12 week workout plan created based on individual goals, fitness level and accessibility of workout equipment.

30-minute phone or in-person consultation with trainer twice a month (6 sessions = 3 hours) , weekly check-in (client needs to report in each Saturday by noon on their app to receive guaranteed feedback from trainer by Monday).

A nutrition macro-nutrient plan based on individual goals and personalized questionnaire information and initial consultation (phone or in person) with trainer.

PLEASE NOTE: All nutrition coaching and monitoring will require the MyNetDiary app (different from the MyPTHub). Trainer will discuss this with you during the initial consultation.