On May 19, 2018 Eau Claire hosted the first annual Wisconsin Warrior Natural Classic & Strength Expo presented by Mission Accomplished. This was an amazing event for an array of natural athletes, as well as, for the spectators, bringing in over 2000 participants and spectators for the day long event.  Included was USAPL Women of Steel  women’s power lifting with over 55 lifters, Bullet Points men’s & women’s cross-fit competition with over 200 athletes, a natural bodybuilding show (bikini, figure, physique, men and women’s bodybuilding) with more than 90 athletes and a fitness expo of various fitness & health vendors. Mission Accomplished was the main sponsor of the event and I am proud to announce will be teaming up with Natty Revolutions’, Leif and Stephanie Anderson, to continue to be the Lifetime MAIN Sponsor, bringing this amazing event to our area for years to come!  As the owner of Mission Accomplished, I have been  passionate about fitness and nutrition for most of my life and have personally competed and coached other competitors for many decades. I’ve lived and breathed the’Natty’ (Natural) lifestyle, long before the “Natty Revolution” came on the scene,  with the purpose of sharing with others how to transform themselves mind, body & soul through fitness and nutrition.  The Natty Revolution is about building a family-like bond between individuals who share similar passions of promoting health, wellness and a camaraderie on and off the stage and this aligns nicely with my vision and goals for Mission Accomplished. If you are interested in learning more about the Natty Revolution check out www.nattyrevolution.com because we have a lot of GREAT things in the works…. And you won’t want to miss out on next year’s Wisconsin Warrior Natural Classic & Strength Expo (scheduled for May 2019)! We are hoping to grow our Mission Accomplished Team in all events so get in touch with me if you are interested in representing Team MA!

This year at the Warrior, Team Mission Accomplished included:

Michelle Markquart (women’s open bodybuilding)- 1st. place.

Brian Wepking (men’s masters 50+ bodybuilding)- 3rd place.

Anthony Nelson (men’s beginner bodybuilding)-2nd place. And (men’s tall open bodybuilding)- 3rd place.

Sandra Frigo (master’s 40+ Figure)- 5th place. And (Figure open tall)-7th place.

Mary Rufledt (figure beginner)- 3rd place.

Brook Shaw- Gardow (figure open tall)-4th place. And (figure masters 40+)-3rd place.

Paula Anderson represented Team MA in the Women of Steel Power Lifting Meet and had a 3 lift total of 550#!!!!!!